Ange N Elen Designs

About Us

Our Team

Ange n Elen Designs consist of two owner and principle designers, Angela De Angelis and Elen Awad.

Both have graduated in Interior Design, along with other degrees. Angela’s background in psychology, along side Elen’s fine art background, aids in creating spaces that feel good and are pleasing to the eye.

Unique Creativity

Our love for travel allows us to be exposed to different areas of design and be inspired by other cultures. Our passion is to use elements of design to create a space that is functional and livable for our clients. We see potential in every space, and we love bringing in a couple of unique ideas to each home that makes it their own.

Our design preference tends to lean towards Transitional with a touch of eclectic and organic elements and accents; which are dictated by our client’s style and items that they love. Our signature style is effortless and functional so that you can enjoy living in your home instead of maintaining it.

Flexible Design Practices

Whether it’s a small room or the entire house, we design spaces to reflect the style of our clients. Our goal is to ensure our clients feel comfortable in the space that they call their own, and ultimately reflects and expresses who they are.


Fun Facts:
  • I believe GPS is the greatest invention. I don’t remember one time I got to anyplace successfully before it.
  • I’ve climbed the CN Tower steps (1,776 steps) in 21 minutes. And yet, still makes me nervous to step on the glass floor at the top tower!
  • Definitely prefer salty and savory over sweet. Buttered and salted Popcorn is my all-time fave.
  • I Love travelling, and often like to revisit the same places. There was a time where I travelled 3 summers in a row to Paris, France. Of course getting lost in the streets each time…because I had no GPS.


Fun Facts:
  • I love to walk around barefoot and can pick up things with my toes.
  • I’ve bungee jumped as a teenager, but would have no interest in doing it now, or ever again.
  • I love the water! My dream home is one that’s by the ocean.
  • My favourite ice cream flavour is Praline’s n Cream; it’s all about the crunch! If you know me, you know there always needs to be an element of crunch with anything I eat.